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It is a given fact that every time problem or drama arises in this fandom, hypocritical cunts and goody-two-shoes pretends reveal themselves and act as if they’re Vigin Mary – pure, chaste, and free from sins. When Louis dropped that atomic bomb aka his Larry tweet, hell broke loose and you can hear Larry shippers moaning in agony. We all know that 98% of Directioners used to tease both Louis and Harry about their ‘relationship’, right? Some people would say they were teasing their bromance kind of relationship not the homosexual type that many have overthrown. But then again, these people also tweet something like ‘Louis, did you enjoy Harry last night?’ & trends stuff like ‘Harder! Louis protested!’ Remember Louis’s birthday when 95% of the trends were dedicated to Larry Stylinson and their supposed sexual relationship (see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbBo6hKsN2)? Now of course people will say it was all for fun, but how can you pinpoint if it’s a joke or if somebody is serious on twitter? It actually depends on the reader itself and how they absorb your tweet. So who is to blame for this Larry Stylinson issue? Arguably all of us including Harry and Louis. So stop fucking blaming other people and sit your ass down. I am so sick of people condemning others when they also contributed to the issue. Some of you people are devotees to a cult of self-praise and self-mythologizing and I refuse to join the hallelujah chorus.

Sometimes we are blinded by anger but I wouldn’t blame you people since hindsight is truly 20/20. So I’m going to list a series of questions that are often thrown around this issue and answer it. I’m not saying that my answer is comparable to a panacea and it is absolutely correct, but I am open to discussion and a civilized debate (I said civilized since many Directioners just start to curse me because of their disagreement) so keep it classy.

1.       Who is it really to blame for this issue?
Like what I said, almost everybody. This wouldn’t be a big issue now if Louis and Harry didn’t play along before and if Louis would just shut up about it because the fire was already dying and he reignited it. Directioners of course are also to blame for overstretching the issue. When a lie and a joke is used everyday there’s a tendency that people would start to believe that the jokes are true. That is normal in human nature and psychology.

2.       Is Louis gay?

Who knows? People have their own gaydars. Although my gaydar sometimes say that he MIGHT BE bisexual, it might be wrong since instincts most of the time are wrong. After we found Louis’s Bebo account which lacks hard evidences that he is gay then I started doubting that he is. If you think Louis is gay you don’t have shout to the whole world and make people who believe he is straight agree with you. People should learn how to respect other people’s opinion. Plus, what is wrong with being gay? We already live in the postmodern era; sexuality should not be an issue already. Stop being backwards.

3.       Is Eleanor a beard?

I actually am disgusted of people who send Eleanor tweets condemning that she is a beard. Where are your morals? Some people should learn how to keep their naive comments to themselves. All of these are just speculations and the evidences so far are laughable and lack an intelligible foundation to back them up. Although the beard policies existed long before One Direction (Mark Feehily of Westlife and Lance Bass from N’Sync had their own) people should stop telling Eleanor that she is a beard. Seriously, have the moral decency.

What I have written above, for me is what reality is. Stop encompassing yourself in that cocoon of rainbows and butterflies of yours. The world is complicated and at the same time really simple. The only real solution to stop these series of drama that continuously plague our fandom is to stop deciphering, over interpreting and deeply analyzing everything. Some people here act like detectives and psychics and I am not gonna have the second thoughts of breaking these people’s neck into two. How do you end this dramatic torturous road and defeat the vincible forces consisting of pathological liars and attention-seekers? Think before you react and stop supporting them. Also, physical violence might be proven salutary.

 I am hanging in this fandom by my fingernails; my lips are at the water line.


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I got featured in an article about Perez Hilton. I’m @DirectionerDiva
Article: http://t.co/pBfPoKSJ

I got featured in an article about Perez Hilton. I’m @DirectionerDiva

Article: http://t.co/pBfPoKSJ

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When I said that there’s a scarcity of intelligent being down in this fandom, I wasn’t joking. Converting Directioners into a rational and intellectual being is like wishing for a snowball in hell. There’s a constant clash between the 5% intelligible beings in here and the 95% brain-damaged intellectual pygmies in this fandom. Sadly, the latter always win because they are abundant. But again, I am still continuing my Star Wars life which consists of an unceasing battle between good and evil, I am not giving up my position to exterminate these brainless retards and become triumphant. If this rant fails to enlighten their poor minds, then physical violence and throwing chairs might be salutary. No, I refuse to call that throwing chairs because the accurate statement is rearranging the furniture and removing the dirt of this society. Since many Directioners are lacking positive qualities, let’s take a moment to create a prayer circle and pray to God that they will get HIV so that there will be something positive about them or better yet just turn them into pillars of salt. I don’t know how many times did I reiterate to my previous rants to stop meddling with the personal affairs of the boys, but I guess my efforts were futile and you guys are just really intellectually deprived. We have reached the lowest of the low today, we made someone whose tweets always end up with an “xx” and a smiley shut down his account. 

Wednesday, 11th of July 2012 – The day I predicted the future with this statement in my previous rant:
“Speaking of Zerrie, why don’t you people mind your own business and get out of their grill. We’re lucky that Zayn doesn’t call us out like Liam and Louis did. But what if he snaps? Then we’ll fucking blame each other and will go fucking trend something like 
#SorryZerrie? “
Wednesday, 22nd of August 2012, it actually happened. I looked at my timeline and saw hundreds of retards fucking blaming each other of what happened. Pinpointing like they’re as pure as Virgin Mary. These delayed bitches are too much of an idiot to realize that they contributed to this issue. And the fucking nerve of these cancerous beings to hate the management when all the shit that has been happening are all this fandom’s fault. The public relations team of One Direction is actually doing a good job, keeping their public image clean. BUT THE OBNOXIOUS AND INANE IDIOTS HERE keep on making rumors, assumptions, and acting like they’re some sort of psychics! Give us all a favor and crawl back inside your mother’s vagina and never go out again. WE KEEP ON BLAMING PEREZ HILTON. Yes, I hate that miserable pig for spreading the news to the public and damaging Zayn’s reputation. But where did Perez pick up the news? Isn’t it from this fandom? Who spread, trended the video about Zayn “taking a girl in his room” and cheating, and acted like disease-ravaged human beings with mental aids? Directioners. That was Perez Hilton’s job long before One Direction existed. He has been exposing and publishing image-damaging news about celebrities, irrespective if they are true or not. 

Zayn’s personal life (and same for the other boys) is none our business. Who he fucks, he dates, and he loves is for him to know and decide! You miserable mentally-deficient beings should inculcate that to your (nonexistent) brain! People here are so superficial, judgmental, and rant if things don’t go their way. Listen retards, just because you live in that socially-deprived world and your life revolves around the computer, doesn’t mean everybody else does. But then again, most of you guys have the brain of a 10-year old so it’s, again, a futile attempt to preach and pray for the betterment of your beings so just fucking exile yourself from this civilization and jump off a cliff. Sick little creatures, seek help. I’m this close to building a foundation and establish a free mental healthcare for Directioners. Seriously, you guys believe the littlest and the stupidest of things and tend to exaggerate them. Stupid gullible beings. 

Remember this: We are just fans. There’s a thick line between fangirling and meddling with their personal affairs. Do not cross that line or I’ll shoot you dead and feed you to the sharks. But then again, I find it problematic if the sharks will eat you out of moral courtesy. Yes, you are that low in the grand schism of this world. 

Hope today you guys learned a lesson. None of this would have happened if you guys have the moral decency to respect Zayn’s personal life. Grow up. Be mature. Think before you speak and act. And go out and see the sun and know where the internet ends and where reality begins. Stop living in your deluded world where you keep sending hate and rumors because 5 boys will never like you. If not, go stick your finger in the wall socket and stop importuning humanity. There are too much insufferable cunts and dumbasses strutting around the world, we don’t need another one. Your existence is even bemoaned by animals.

Our fandom is embarrassing.

I don’t have the intestinal fortitude anymore.

Beam me up, Scotty!



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Remember when Ellen Degeneres auditioned for The X Factor? Best day ever.

Remember when Ellen Degeneres auditioned for The X Factor? Best day ever.

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Niall Horan in Justin Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me music video

Niall Horan in Justin Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me music video

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This is what will happen to the boys years after One Direction. 

This is what will happen to the boys years after One Direction.